It’s easy! Almost.

There was absolutely an adrenaline rush, and that part, I just wanted it. I could not think of anything more exciting than doing something that might get you killed. — Clay Tumey

In August 2005, a team of burglars tunneled into the Fortaleza branch of Banco Central, the Brazilian central…

There is a growing trend about eating chocolates. This trend has become a great concern as children are getting addicted to chocolates. This generation has increased cases of obesity, juvenile diabetes and even wrong metabolism. To protect our kids, here are some healthy alternatives to chocolate. …

The fortune was 205 million dollars. It took authorities two whole days and nights to count the money. This is the story of how the largest cash bust in the history of the war on drugs didn’t actually involve any drugs being recovered at all.

The so-called ‘Operation Dragon’, which took place in 2007, implicated the Mexican-Chinese businessman Zhenli Ye Gon.

“You either cooperate or the neck.” — Zhenli Ye Gon

It’s the story of how a Chinese-Mexican businessman went from being celebrated by world leaders to being imprisoned in multiple countries, how Las Vegas…

Sumit Singh

Decoding Future.

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